Innovation and change are at the heart of this work, so the list below is by no means comprehensive.

Curriculum design

  • Global Awareness Education – intensives and programmes from 2 weeks to 2 years
  • Human Rights/ Service Learning/ Peace Education
  • Making the most of IB, PSHE, Citizenship, Enrichment and Electives
  • Experiential programming

Presentations, workshops, trainings and CPD

  • Preparing for PISA 2018: Global Competence
  • How to be a truly global school
  • Developing a set of local or global community partners
  • Building community, Third Culture Kids and how to integrate international and minority students
  • How to design overseas travel to maximise learning and impact
  • How to respond to global humanitarian disasters
  • How to map your local community
  • Community building through peer mentoring and student leadership

Developing new programs for global, community and character education

This is a 4 step process:

  • A school-wide audit to identify key areas for change
  • Collaborative work to design new programs and projects
  • A strategic plan to introduce change purposefully and progressively
  • Implementation, reflection and evaluation

Advice and counselling for individuals and schools on Gap Year and volunteering opportunities
Based on an extensive network of organisations Annabel has visited and worked with over the last fifteen years

To discuss a particular situation or request, please use the contact page.